Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Chiffon Dresses

Here are a couple of photos of a dress and jacket combo I have made for Mrs B. They are made from patterned chiffon and fully lined. These are full length dresses. Mrs B asked me to make these as she could not find anything like the type of dress she wanted in the shops. The pattern is a combination of a couple of different dress patterns, then draughted and adapted for Mrs B.

These dresses have a tie in the back as well. Below are the jackets that can be worn over the dress.

As you can see these are fully lined as well. Not easy to see is the self-covered button they have as a closure.

These dresses were made for Mrs B a couple of years ago and she has just asked me to make another :) I always love to see what fabric Mrs B chooses. One day I will try to get a photo of all the ones I have made for her.

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