Sunday, 31 March 2013

Baby tops and dance skirts

Last year we were blessed with two grandbabies. Little O isthe daughter of my oldest son, and Master D is the son of my second son. Little O's mum had bought some merino and asked me to make some tops for Little O. I found a pattern with the envelope style neck that makes getting tops on and off babies easy. No buttons or snaps to worry about.

It is a very simple wee top, quite quick and easy to make. You just need to make sure you get the foldover pieces of the envelope neck the right way around! This is the front. Below is the back.

The back and front are similar as you can see, the main way of telling them apart being that the front neck is slightly lower and the "envelope" piece is at the front. These are a very light pink colour. I have some blue merino that I am going to make up into a couple for Master D for this winter.

Several years ago I was asked to make some dance skirts for the studio we were currently at. A lot of the little girls liked to wear these as they have a tutu-ish look to them which little girls seem to like.

The ribbon was tied in a bow at the front. I stitched the ribbon mid-back under the belt loop to ensure it didn't fall out and get lost.

The dance studio director had the logo stitched on later. They were in a range of sizes so I got some pattern draughting experience in making the different sizes. A friend whose daughters wore them said that they stood up well to wearing and being washed, which is always good feedback to receive.

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