Thursday, 7 March 2013

Tutu for Miss S

After making Miss L her tutu one of the mum's whose daughter also does competitions asked me to make her lovely young lass a new tutu in 2011. This tutu is in the romantic style with longer skirts than one with a short skirt.

The bodice is of stretch velvet lined with stretch drill to give added strength & stability. It is a long line bodice finishing at the high hip. The back closes with hooks and hand made eyes. The skin-coloured insert can be removed in the future as it is a "false insert" with a full bodice underneath. The plate is a lacey fabric and the nets are two different greens with a top layer of black.

This was another learning curve as I hadn't made a tutu with a traditional style bodice before. I was very happy with the result although another time I will shape the insert a little more. However Miss S loved it, Miss S's mum was very pleased and I've been told the tutu has had many positive comments from other dancers, parents and adjucators of competitions.

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