Saturday, 11 May 2013

Making my own binding

For Christmas my lovely DH got me a Bias Binding maker...well paid for it anyway! I had been looking at them for a while and decided it was what I would like. I didn't get it till after Christmas and then they came on special at Spotlight :) So since it had dropped so much in price I decided to get the one that did piping as well as binding.

Here are some photos showing the process of making the binding.

Finding the bias and marking it.

Ruling off the strips

Cutting the bias strip, with my lovely rotary cutter.
Much quicker than by hand! And a lovely straight edge.

Cut strip

Rolled onto the reel of the bias maker, through the folding tip and under the ironing plate.

Turn it on and hey presto!

This is how it comes out of the machine

After pressing, from the folded side

Showing the opposite side after pressing

All these stirps took around 15mins to put through the bias maker.

I've used the binding maker for several projects. These are for sleep sacks for Little O and Master D.

I'll put photos of those in my next blog post. Right now I need to help Locket (Miss L) make some leggings.

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