Monday, 9 September 2013

Sleeping Bags

It's been a while since I posted anything, though I didn't realise how long! A few family happenings had me busier than usual which left very little free time. If you're wildly interested you can read about them here in my other blog :)

I posted about the binding machine I got for Christmas and mentioned sleeping bags. These are for my grandbabies. They had been given winter weight ones, but were getting too hot as it came into summer. Little O's mum had been looking around and we were surprised at the cost of the summer weight ones.

So we went fabric shopping. Spotlight had a sale on and we found some cotton fabrics that we liked.
They have an outer cotton layer and a lighter weight cotton lawn inner.

I took a pattern off one of the existing ones. Little O's mum asked me to make a couple of hers longer as she is growing so quickly. I also made the armholes a bit deeper to make them a little easier to get on and off.

Here is where I used the bindings I created.

Around the edges before I inserted the zip.

And around the armhole edges.

Little O's mum chose her own fabrics. The two photos above show the different fabrics for two of Little O's sleeping bags.

Above is one of Little O's. Fabric selection and placement by Moneypenny, her mum.

This is one of Halfpint's...I got to choose his fabrics as his mum wasn't with us at the time. This is the front. The zip is put in upside down so that little fingers cannot undo it!

And a back view.

A different colour choice for Halfpint. Last of all a photo I took of Halfpint sound asleep wearing the blue bag when we were camping in the summer.

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