Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A dress for Little O's birthday

It has been quite a while since I posted anything on here. Many family happenings and changes which have resulted in me being even busier than usual. Blogging had to take a back seat for a while. I found I wasn't even able to get near my machines to do any sewing :(  However I'm hoping that things have settled a bit now! I managed to sew some items in the last week. Things are looking up! For now I'm back to blogging past projects.

In February Little O turned

Her mama wanted a special dress for Little O to wear at her birthday function. So we had a shopping expedition! Mrs S likes to choose the fabrics, preferring natural fibres such as cotton. We found the fabrics that Mrs S chose in Spotlight

Then it was onto the draughting to try and produce a dress Mrs S had described to me.

A while ago I bought several draughting books. I've used the children's one a couple of times now, and I'm sure I will in the future. I find it really useful and quite easy to use. The book is in the photo below.

For the bodice we found a lovely piece of fabric. It came with the ruffles, ric rac and pintucks already done. The next photo shows the front.

I cut the front with a centre fold and matched the pattern at the side seams to give a more continuous look.
The neckline I bound with a lightweight cotton lawn, with which I also lined the bodice. Below is a view of the back.

Here is the inside showing the lining.

I used my binding machine to make the binding for the neckline and sleeves. There are several attachments for the different sizes of binding. The sleeves were an ivory cotton lawn to tone with the main colour of sleeve fabric.

The skirts were gathered and each is a different fabric. The sleeves match the lowest level of fabric. Mrs S requested a very slight puff on the sleeve. Below is a view of the front of the finished dress.

The back

 I used snap closures on the back. Here they are below. I purchase these from Green Beans NZ

I then glued some pretty buttons to the snaps for effect :) 

 Finally here are two photos of Little O in her dress on her birthday.

The dress is a little on the large size for her as her mama requested. I think Mrs S is planning on Little O wearing it this coming summer.

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