Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Locket's Onesie

Onesies, or all-in-ones, have been popular for a few years now. There are many at the shops, but none were quite what Locket wanted. So a pattern was bought. Kwik Sew 2704. It is a multi-sized pattern that goes from sizes 4-5 up to size 12-14. I did the usual thing I do with these patterns and traced off the size I needed. That way I can use the pattern many times over!

Locket found some fleece material she liked. She wanted the hooded design.

And also pockets, so I added them in as the pattern didn't have them. I also used snaps on the front instead of a zip. I found some black ribbing in my stash for the wrist and ankle bands.

I made it on the largish size in the hope it would fit her for a couple of years!

The best thing about it is that it is most likely no-one has one exactly the same!

A fun shot, just because we could, since Locket really didn't want to model in the first place! Her onesie kept her warm on many cold nights last year.

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One of the jobs I was asked to do last year was to turn a plain jacket into a ringmaster jacket. This was also for Easter Camp, for our youth pastor who leads the youth group. D provided me with the red jacket, which was similar in style to the one below. He had found it at one of the local Op shops. He also provided me with the trim.

Your basic red jacket. The pockets are different. D wanted to approximate a ringmaster look, but it didn't need to be too detailed. Below is the final result.

D was happy with the final result which is always the main thing.

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A Bit of Knitting

One of the other crafts I enjoy doing is knitting. I used to do a lot when my children were little. Years ago I got a large cane basket and to make sure knitting needles didn't fall out I lined the basket. I chose a pretty floral fabric I liked and hand stitched it to the inside. It has stood me in good stead for years :)

My knitting needles have come out in recent years as grandbabies have been expected and born. I was delighted when I found my old booties pattern book. I'd stashed it away in a box!

As you can see it has been well used :) I got it when I was pregnant with our first child, who will be 28 this year! I used booties all the time until our children were walking well.

I had a great time choosing wool colours for the booties for grandchildren. I always use 100% wool as I think it is much better for warmth. Below are some of the ones I knitted.

I crochet the ties, just a simple chain stitch. I make them fairly long so they can be double tied when little hands get old enough to undo them. I found woollen ties better than ribbon which, although it looks pretty, tends to slip.

I also knitted a hat for grandson number 2. It was a bit big for him when he was born but he soon grew into it!

I've really enjoyed re-discovering my love of knitting. It's also been fun teaching Locket, our youngest, how to knit. She has made a couple of scarves for herself.

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Monday, 23 June 2014

Clown costume

Each year there is an Easter Camp which the youth of the church we attend go to. There is a different theme every year and 2013 theme was Circus for our youth. Our son Brains decided to go as a clown. I found some really cool fabric in a local shop Pete's Emporium. A multi-coloured satin.

I turned it into some loose pants. Simple ones, elasticated waist and hems, and lined on the inside with orange poplin.

I found a multi-coloured jacket at Savemart to go with the pants.

We coupled it with a green bow tie, green wig, smiley badge and red nose. Below is a pic of Brains all dressed up :)

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