Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A Bit of Knitting

One of the other crafts I enjoy doing is knitting. I used to do a lot when my children were little. Years ago I got a large cane basket and to make sure knitting needles didn't fall out I lined the basket. I chose a pretty floral fabric I liked and hand stitched it to the inside. It has stood me in good stead for years :)

My knitting needles have come out in recent years as grandbabies have been expected and born. I was delighted when I found my old booties pattern book. I'd stashed it away in a box!

As you can see it has been well used :) I got it when I was pregnant with our first child, who will be 28 this year! I used booties all the time until our children were walking well.

I had a great time choosing wool colours for the booties for grandchildren. I always use 100% wool as I think it is much better for warmth. Below are some of the ones I knitted.

I crochet the ties, just a simple chain stitch. I make them fairly long so they can be double tied when little hands get old enough to undo them. I found woollen ties better than ribbon which, although it looks pretty, tends to slip.

I also knitted a hat for grandson number 2. It was a bit big for him when he was born but he soon grew into it!

I've really enjoyed re-discovering my love of knitting. It's also been fun teaching Locket, our youngest, how to knit. She has made a couple of scarves for herself.

Thanks for reading this blog :)

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