Sunday, 17 August 2014

Leotards for the guys

My youngest son, Brains, dances and so therefore needs new gear from time to time. One of the things I have made quite a few times as he has grown are leotards.

I got a bit tired of buying them and having the stitching come undone around the neck or leg holes! A long time ago I purchased a pattern which I then adjusted as I needed to.

I've found this Kwik Sew pattern great. As my son has grown I now need to use the men's pattern.

Below are a few photos of the leotards. Front view. White cotton lycra.

The view from the back. I scoop the back a bit lower than the front as you can see.

In the photo below the larger leotard is for my son, the slightly smaller one for another boy at our dance studio. I made these leotards with a double layer of fabric. Both boys were growing and a single layer had a bit of a see-through look that they didn't like. 

The ones in these photos I made in December 2013. Brains has grown since then, as they do in their teen years, and now needs another! This time I'll be making at least two, one white and the other black.

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