Thursday, 20 November 2014

Bassinette Veil

Last year with baby #2 due Moneypenny found a bassinette similar to ours, which she had used with 1st baby, Sunshine.

All that was needed was a veil to make it complete. Moneypenny found some muslin she liked. And I set to work.

This is the material laid out on the lounge room floor, the biggest, clearest space at the time. There is quite a lot of room upstairs . . . but . . . erm . . . tidy it is not! Slowly de-junking to get rid of things.

I over-locked along the bottom edges and all along the front creating a rolled-edge hem. Then I over-locked a short distance on each side from the top on the opposite edge. Stitched the top seam and over-locked it, then over-locked the back seam together.

A quick press of the top seam . . . 

 I then created a channel, or casing, for the dowel rod to go through. The first line of stitching would create a ruffle, the next created the channel.

I've done the first line of stitching, and am part way through the second. The purple marks are a marking pen that fades away pretty quickly.

All done and back on the floor - just to show the length.

A closer view to show the casing and ruffle.

This is what it will look similar to. This is the first veil I made for Sunshine. I'd also re-made the bassinette sling which you can read about here should you so desire  :)

The bassinette frame above has been used by 3 generations that we know of, possibly 4. My husband, all our children and now a couple of our grand-babies have used it. How's that for a baby bed with a history!


  1. I love this! It is so traditional and so practical too. And I love that you have contributed to the family history with your sewing :)

    1. Thanks, MrsC. It is very special to be able to contribute to the history :) And thanks for following my blog! I'm having fun reading through your earlier posts on Sent from my iRon :)


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