Monday, 10 November 2014

Cats on a Hat!

Recently I joined WSBN and found out there was a get together planned soon. There was also the chance to join the Cat Lady Sewing Challenge that a blogger called Miss Crayola Creepy came up with. Hmmm, what to do/make? Time was limited as I was busy with other projects and LIG (life in general), and the planned picnic was only a short time away.

I decided I had enough time to make a hat  :)  So when I was in Spotty getting something else I checked out the quilting fabrics. As soon as I saw it I thought, "That's it!"

I quickly grabbed it and took it to the checkout to get 1mtr. I was on a "run-in-run-out-as-quick-as"
visit since we were on the way to an appointment for Pa, and he was waiting in the car! Probably just as well or I would be sure to see several things I "must have"  8-|  I liked it as it was bright and cheerful . . . and then I realised all the cats are wearing hats! Purrrfect!

I hunted out an old pattern I used quite a few times for sunhats for my blessings  :)  Butterick 6614 - it has a well loved look!

Many options. I decided to combine a couple of styles. I got it made the night before the picnic, all except a piece of grosgrain ribbon . . . as I had none! Another trip to a haberdashery place is needed  :)

So here is the result. I'm not keen on photos . . . of me anyway, but then I wanted photos of the hat!!

In the Dell at the Botanical Gardens. My 17 yr old son on seeing my hat said, "What IS that?" I told him of the challenge and he decided the hat was "slightly better" than me in a dress with cats on it  :D  My 14 yr old daughter just about fell off her bed giggling and then said I looked like "that character from Alice In Wonderland" The Mad Hatter! So I said,
" Cool! It can be my Mad Hatter cat Hat!" I figure it could be a handy parenting tool - I could threaten to wear it in public . . . with them!

A different view - perhaps the best!

I was hamming it up and Mel who kindly took these photos said, "Oh! Do that again, that looks cute!" At which point I started laughing as it's a looooong time since the word cute has been applied to me! Thanks, Mel  :-*

L-R Back row: Laura, myself, Joy, Sandra;   Front row: Teresa, Mel, Juliet, Sophie-Lee.  Photo courtesy of Laura, taken by her 6yr old daughter - clever girl!
Doing the "cat" sign - Photo by Laura's daughter

I had to leave soon after these were taken as I had to get Brains to a rehearsal. Jo arrived after I left and so more photos were taken.

L- R Back row: Laura, Mel, Juliet, Sandra;   Front row: Sophie-Lee, Teresa, Joy, Jo.   Photo by Laura's daughter.

Being a shy type I don't find it easy joining a new group. These ladies were warm and welcoming, which made it easy. My life for a long season has been based largely, but not totally, around family, especially my children. I'm conscious that within a few years this will change. So I'm taking steps now to find myself some new "homes" so to speak, so when a new season begins I already have people to meet and places to go. But mainly I enjoyed it because. . . these ladies' eyes don't glaze over when sewing is mentioned!  :)

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