Thursday, 20 November 2014

Chiffon skirt

Locket has been dancing since she was three. When she was younger she wore a navy blue leotard and I made a navy chiffon skirt - tiny it was. Not the smallest as I made these samples in this post when she was around 5.

Anyhoo . . . Locket has grown quite a lot taller since then. And last year it was time for a new chiffon skirt once again.

I have a few photos from the making .  . when I thought to take them!

I cut out the skirt with the centre back on the fold. Then I roll-edge hemmed it with Nettie, my trusty overlocker.

Then I cut off a long length of bias satin ribbon. Long enough to go across the top of the skirt and plenty to tie with. I bought it as it was pretty cheap at Pete's Emporium, one of those treasure trove places, depending on what you want, or how much $$$ you have to spend.

It comes on a roll, pre-folded. Ooops, blurry photo!

Which I then iron in half again. Grubby ironing board cover has since been replaced!

Stitch to the top of the skirt on the inside . . . which I've done here. You can see a bit of the rolled hem by the red pin.

Pin it all along . . .

Stitch from the right side . . .

All finished. I usually use a bright coloured thread to hand stitch an "X" at the centre back on the inside, not going all the way through though. Then the wearer of the skirt can tell the inside from the outside. If I'm making for others I stitch a size label in when I stitch down the ribbon.

Miss Locket, all ready for her exam last year, complete with new skirt. Note the, "Muuum! Do you HAVE to take a photo! Ok, I'll suffer it!" look. Teehee, gorgeous girl.

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