Friday, 30 January 2015

Baby Bibs

Soon after my D-I-L Moneypenny had her first baby she was trying out different styles of bibs. One she tried was made by Imba design. There is a family connection here. (C is the sister of my oldest nephew's wife [my neice-in-law]). Moneypenny really liked the bibs as she found they are very absorbent. I got permission to take a pattern off the bib to make them as gifts for family and friends.

The first ones I made only two layers thick. The 100% cotton fabric top layer and the microfleece backing. They worked o.k. I then discovered there was a third layer hidden away inside! A layer of cotton flannel which helps with the absorbency. So the next lot of bibs I included this layer.

The first ones I made were the same size as the Imba ones. I then made a couple of changes as Moneypenny had asked if I could make them longer. I also added a third snap to the two that were on the Imba bibs.

I don't have any photos of the construction of the bibs, but I do have a few photos to share.

Fabric chosen by Moneypenny

These are the longer bibs, as are the ones below:-

Fabric chosen by Moneypenny
The ones below are infant sized ones I made for wee Poppet in late 2013, Moneypenny's second baby!

Fabric chosen by Moneypenny
This is just a photo to show the difference in sizes of the two bibs. The regular sized ones are a few inches shorter in the length from the neckline to lower edge of bib.

And lastly a couple of photos of the bibs in use. Sunshine around one year old.

Oh, yes, and I did make some for Halfpint as well in more boyish fabrics!

Fabric chosen by me!

Halfpint is wearing a regular sized bib. He is also around one year old here. 

I intend to make some more of these to have at home. Plus a stock for gifts. I even have a small stash of fabric ready! I enjoy making these useful wee items of baby apparel  :) 

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