Thursday, 5 February 2015

A Lace Skirt

As well as fabric for dresses Mrs S bought some lace fabric for a skirt, as well as some lining for it. Mrs S wanted a very simple skirt.

Once again I sewed french seams on the two side seams.

Pressing the hem before I stitch it.

All stitched. The pin was there so once again I could tell right side from wrong side.

Mrs S wanted a simple casing type waistband, similar to those worn in underskirts for saris. As you can see here the lining is in the skirt now.

I stitched buttonholes before I turned the casing over. To make the inside even neater I could turn the overlocked edge under, or leave it raw, then stitch it. However, Mrs S is happy with the overlocking. I made the ties from the lining fabric. Here I'm just starting to thread them through the casing.

All the way through and the ends tied. Mrs S preferred this method as opposed to elastic which, over time, might perish.

This is a better reflection of the actual colour.

Mrs S also gave me some tops that she had bought. They were a bit tight across her abdomen and so she asked me if I could make slits in the sides to give a bit more room. Yes, I could  :)

I unpicked the hem either side of the seam for a short distance, then the side seam stitching as far as needed. Mrs S had tried the tops on so I could put a pin in the right place. Then it was a matter of turning in the seams and stitching them down, tapering them in to where they joined the original overlocked seam. I also zig-zag stitched them as the turned in edge was raw. I possibly could have overlocked them first then turned them in but there was a mere 5mm to work with!

Just a closer view. I then turned under the hems again and re-stitched them using as close a matched cotton as I could.

All complete and ready to go to their owner  :)

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