Friday, 13 February 2015

Jean shorts repair

One day in October last year Brains brought me his jean shorts. He'd been out and jumping over things - as you do when you're an active teen! As often happens they caught on something - tug - riiip! Par for the course and a repair needed. By the next day, as he needed to wear then for a dance show!  :-o

Lovely 3-corner rip on the pocket and right through the main fabric too. Out came some denim material and fusible web, which keeps the patch in place while I stitch it.

I find rounding the corners of the patches makes them easier to stitch around.  I cut two but only used one in the end.

Patch and web ready . . .

Matched up . . . 

The inside of the jeans.

Patch fused to the inside. I could leave it like this . . . but it wouldn't stay on very long. Usually I'd put another patch on the outside too. But there's that pocket.

I decided to use this stitch to tidy up the tear on the outside.

It worked . . . a bit! Then it kind of got too thick and didn't want to budge! So I switched to an ordinary zig-zag. And then when I turned them over . . . whoops! I'd caught the pocket  #-o  I suspect that's why it stuck!

Being an old well worn pair I did what anyone a cheeky Mama Bear would do . . . I chopped the corner and stitched it across.  :D

Here is what the stitch does look like when it works. Jean shorts repaired, worn and danced in the next day. Not noticeable from the audience. 

They're still getting lots of wear  :)

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