Friday, 6 March 2015

A Raspberry Drop

It was concert time again! Miss Lisa decided to use music from The Nutcracker - Land of the Sweets. Our youngest student was to be a Raspberry Drop and so a tiny red tutu was needed. And I do mean tiny! I made a size 6 but wee Miss S would have fitted a size 4 too!

I used Jalie 2915 once again as I have many of the sizes draughted off from a few years ago.


Cutting the net is what I usually do first, quickly and easily with my rotary cutting ruler. The lengths can be cut continuously along the length of net or across. I cut them across. Depending on the depth of the layer different amounts are used. I used two different reds as it often gives an overall better colour than one solid colour.

Once all the net is cut it's on to the leotard pieces. This colour was hard to capture for some reason. It may have been the light on the day - or more likely the photographer  :P

The leotard all stitched up, front view and the cut net in the background.

Leotard from the back

Gathering the net, zig zag stitch over nylon fishing line

The button that keeps the net from slipping off the nylon. I tie the nylon through the button.

Keeping a firm tension on the nylon - though usually I'm a lot closer, I moved my chair back to get the photo.

Joining the next piece on by laying one on top of the other. 

The machine was making a fair bit of noise so I did a wee recce in the innards - quite a haul!

All the net gathered and ready to go

Quilting the lycra to help prevent over-stretching. It's cotton lycra I had in stash and so has more tendency to over-stretch than nylon lycra. The panty is two layers of fabric to give it more strength. There are also placement lines for the net stitched on in two alternating red colours.

Stitching on the second to last layer of net.

The lowest layer has the seam allowance facing up. It's only 5cm wide so a bit of a fiddle!

I don't have a mannequin, let alone a junior size one. I wanted a "body" to put inside the leotard whilst I tacked the layers of net. So I created one out of a lid taped to a bowl, then added a folded hand towel, and stuck the whole lot in the leotard!

Concert day and here is a sweet wee Miss S as a Raspberry Drop. The tutu would have a decorated plate or top layer on the net for a competition. If it didn't some red nail polish will hide the white tag tops. It could also do with a bit more steaming to slope the layers a bit more.

This delightful wee girl stole the show when she came on stage as wee ones often do. It doesn't matter what they do or how well they dance the audience always love the youngest dancers  :)


  1. Oh my gosh that is just adorable! Very impressed with how well you got the net to stand out 😄

  2. Thanks, Macska :) Lots of net tightly gathered, and the stiff net from Spotlight is great - others overseas are envious we can get it as some softer net overseas droops :( I have books too which give how much net for each layer, and height of dancer etc.


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