Thursday, 5 March 2015

Elastic coffee!

We're blessed with 5 grandbabies who are growing rapidly! We see them quite often and sometimes they stay over, which is always fun  :)

We had Mr Magoo, 18 months old, here and I noticed it had gone quiet - too quiet - what is he doing? kind of  quiet. Anyone who has minded wee ones knows that quiet! Time to investigate.

Tracking, tracking . . . ooops I'd left my bedroom door open! Mr Magoo was coming to meet me carrying my almost empty cup of coffee to which he'd added - elastic!  He found it rolled up on my bedside table. It was even floating! But it sunk pretty quickly.

I had to laugh  :))  He was being so helpful in his eyes. I did retrieve the cup though since I didn't want coffee spilled all down the hallway. I decided not to taste test the coffee! I suspect it would have had a rubbery flavour  :-&

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