Thursday, 5 March 2015

High Tea and Made on Marion

I'm getting closer with these past posts - at the end of November now  :)

The 30th November, to be exact, when I went with a group of ladies to the 2nd Anniversary meeting of the WSBN. There were two parts to the day. Part One was a High Tea held at Martha's Pantry here in Wellington. I'd never been there before so it was an all new place to me. I forgot to take my camera and so I only got the one photo on my phone. I got too busy chatting to folk after that!

Gorgeous 3 piece settings, lovely flavours of tea, and food, yummy food! It all reminded me very much of Sunday night tea  :)  While I was growing up we had a roast meal in winter and cold corned beef and salad in summer for lunch. Then our evening meal was High Tea - except we didn't call it that. We did have the fancy bone china plates, cups and saucers and we would have scones or date or sultana loaf and other cakes for tea. I, of course, thought it was perfectly normal! It was a long time before I realised not everyone had High Tea on Sunday every week  :D

After we'd had our high tea most of us went down to Made on Marion in Marion Street for Part Two - some social sewing. MrsC and MrC  own the shop and very kindly allowed our group to use the space for the afternoon. I was very keen to go as it was a long while since I'd had a good look around.

I remember going into Golding's Handcrafts on Cuba Street as a child with Mum, and as a teen and young woman to get craft supplies. I'm pretty sure the bootee book in this post is from there! I remember when I heard they were closing down I was pretty sad . . . and how thrilled I was when I heard the shop had been bought and was going to still be open although with a different name.

I had a really good browse and came away with a few things. For a small shop it has a huge array of stock. There is a sister shop on Lambton Quay that I have yet to get to. A treat for another day  :)

The red and teal/green felt on the bottom is woolen felt, much nicer than acrylic felt. From the top clockwise: A pretty tin for pins, some colourful wooden knitting needles 4.00mm, cotton tape, a small tape measure for my take-with-me kit, beautiful silk thread, a transfer pencil, and in the middle some tailors chalk. There were a lot more things I could have bought as well but . . . budget would not allow  :|

I was really pleased to find this coloured tailor's chalk. I've tried various pencils but prefer this type to pencils. I've still got a lot of white/beige as I bought a box of Hancock's chalk years ago. I figured it would keep  :) The red and blue colours will be great for fabrics in light colours when white chalk doesn't show up so well. The handy little storage box is great too.

I had a great time meeting up with, and getting to know, all the people from WSBN during the day  :) Although I took some embroidery with me to do I think I accomplished far more talking than stitching!


  1. Aw it's so lovely to see a 'haul' photo from the dear old shop! :)

    1. It's such a lovely shop, a real treasure, with a friendly, helpful atmosphere. I need a few more browsing sessions methinks! :)


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