Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A Baby Blanket

At the end of last year friends of mine had their first grandbaby born. C had been knitting squares for a baby blanket during the year and had asked me if I would be happy to stitch it together. Which I was. I thought she meant that I needed to sew all the squares together - in fact C had done that herself and wanted me to put a backing and binding onto the blanket.

The backing was a cute polar fleece

I pinned the two layers together so they would be easier to work with.

I marked the binding along the whole length so I would get an even seam as I decided to hand stitch it on. I found this helpful video on binding quilts as it's not something I have done yet.

Hand stitching the binding on .. . sitting in front of TV  :)  Not what I usually do when I sew!

Both sides bound

It's not easy to see but the pale green dot in the centre of the photo is a french knot. I stitched these every couple of squares to "tie" the knitted blanket to the polar fleece. I suspect otherwise they might end up becoming a very odd shaped blanket!

The completed blanket. I dropped it off to my friend a few days later. She was very happy with it.

I was given this bag by my friend . . .

. . . which contained these goodies  :D   Much appreciated, thanks, C.

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