Sunday, 12 July 2015

Banner Bag

Late last year I was asked by one of the guys who helps set up the church each Sunday if I could make a new bag for the banner that is put outside each week. The one in use had been made from a tarpaulin and had worn through where the pole the banner is rolled around sits on the ground.

I decided on  a simple rectangle shape with triangular points to make the base where the roll would sit. It was requested that if I could add some sort of support to the base to stop it wearing through that would be great.

The main pattern would be a rectangle so I just marked that up on the fabric. The pattern piece above I made for the base.

I made sure to mark the bases of the triangles as they were slightly longer than the sides, but not enough to judge by eye alone. The fabric is a canvas type cotton I picked up at an SPCA op shop for about $2 and has been sitting in my stash. It had a couple of small holes in it and I was able to work around them.

Starting to mark up the main pattern piece.

Laying out the base triangles . . . the line they are on is square to the cut edge and the top edge  :)

The bases marked out.

The side seam is stitched, two of the base seams are stitched together and I'm now stitching the cross seam to join the base together.

I've cut and glued some leather to the base. Best way to weight it down overnight . . . a bag of rice  :)

The leather is a scrap off-cut  I got from Pete's Emporium a while ago. It's fairly thick so should do the job well.

Creating the channel for the cord to go through.

A close up . . . I turned it over twice to reduce the risk of fraying before I stitched it down.

Some strong cord to make the drawstring.

The completed bag. I did give it a quick go over with the iron before I handed it over.

Here is Boar holding it up for a photo. The banner is quite tall so the bag is generous in size but means the banner will go in easily.  Another job completed and handed over  :)


  1. Yay for jojo rejuvenating projects, useful AND easy to knock off. :)

    1. Yes, MrsC, they're great and reasonably quick too :)


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