Saturday, 11 July 2015

When your jojo go-goes!

A curious thing happened a while back . . . well, curious to me anyway! I lost all my jojo! My sewjo and my craftjo. I guess there's a first time for everything as I don't recall it happening before now. I've read of it happening to others but it's very weird when it happens to you.

My sewing machine sat idle, my cutting table had no works in progress on it, my blog untouched. The worst thing was not even feeling like doing any of it, even though I have a long list of things to do. I wasn't even interested in reading any sewing blogs  :-o

I was booked in for a Mad Skills course at Made on Marion for late June so I kept that date  :)  It was run by the awesome Mrs C and was so worthwhile. I learnt a lot and did quite a few things for the first time. We came away with examples of what we did which is great, plus the "how to" instructions should some of us have a bit of memory bank failure!  :-S  It helped break the deadlock too since as well as sewing I was in great company for the day with around 10 other sewists. Lots of enthusiasm and lots of laughs too, which always helps.

Since then I haven't done much. I've hemmed a pair of corduroy pants for Pa. A simple, easy job. I've patched my jeans . . . again  :)

Tonight I made a bath scourer. I found some instructions here and despite not having net as long as suggested it turned out o.k. I have lots of net in various colours left over from tutus so I used some from Locket's first tutu, peach and yellow net.

 It was quick to make and I'll test it out tomorrow. It's a fairly stiff net so I think it'll do a good job . . . of the bath. It'd be a bit scratchy on skin I reckon  =;

Another job for tomorrow is to sort the little lot in the photo below. Last week we heard these noises, something rolling and dropping. I thought one of our cats had knocked a spool of thread off my cutting table and was playing with it on the floor. But NO! Both cats were sleeping, one upstairs, one downstairs. A few seconds of listening and we figured it was a jolly rat!! Boar went upstairs to go in the access hole . . . didn't see a rat but we think somehow it had found a hard rubber ball, goodness knows where from, and was picking it up to gnaw on it, then dropping it!

The next day I thought I'd do some sewing . . . and found . . . to get to the access hole Boar had to move boxes, yup, kindly placing them well, the space in front of my table was clear before!  ~X(  Knowing he'd got a trap and put it in and it would need checking I decided not to shift it all back. The access panel is behind my cutting table and this stuff was stacked down the side. The trap was checked today and some cheeky critter/s had eaten the peanut butter, but no rat was caught. We haven't heard it again though so maybe it's vacated the premises.

So back it all goes so I can actually reach and use my table. After I've tidied it up, that is, because I can't focus as well when it's all higgeldy piggeldy. Of course, I should be a tidy seamstress and always clear my workspaces . . .  :">

So hemming, patching and bath scourers are not much but they're a start and I can feel my sewjo and craftjo stretching and waking up from it's hibernation. YIPEE!  =D>  :D

I'll keep plodding away with blogging past creations too. I'm slowly catching up!

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