Sunday, 23 August 2015

An array of . . .bibs!

Last year one of my cousin's daughters had her second baby, a girl, Miss B. Plus a friend's daughter had her first baby, also a girl, Miss K. Miss K's I posted but was able to hand over the ones to Miss B and Master L when we saw them in March this year.

I had quite a few cotton fabrics in stash and got a few more on sale so . . .a few bibs were the order of the day! I made some for Miss B's older brother, Master L, as well as he wasn't yet two, and many wee ones are still using bibs then. Well, mine all were, I would rather wash a dozen bibs than change their clothes multiple times a day!

These are the ones for Master L, which are the longer length I make. They cover more of an older child.

There are two of each of these ones, which meant I had a set of four each to give to Miss B and Miss K.

I'm planning to make up a few more of these to have on standby as gifts . . .in my spare time, of course!  :D


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    1. Thanks, Mrs C :) They are one of THE most useful articles of clothing I know for wee ones! I love finding a few vibrant fabrics for them :)


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