Sunday, 23 August 2015

Exquisite work

My talented Aunty J has been part of the Thames Valley Embroiderer's Guild for over 30 years and the Waihi Embroidery Group for nearly 50 years! That's a lot of stitching  :)  Over the years she has learned many types of handwork.

When we were visiting in March Aunty J took me down to her room where she keeps all her finished works to ask me to choose a piece to take with me. Actually she wanted me to take several but I wanted to leave plenty for others to choose from.

 This is the piece I chose - isn't is just gorgeous? I love butterflies  :)

This is one of the corners - on the underside! Such a neatly mitred corner.

These are some of the other pieces Aunty J gave me. Some Christmas stars and a little scissor cushion . . .I'm sure it has a proper name but that is what I'm calling it. I've since attached it to my embroidery scissors.

I had an upcoming embroidery project to do and Aunty J insisted I choose the embroidery floss from her stock which she has built up over the years.

I'm nowhere near this level of expertise, but who knows perhaps with practise I can come close  :)

Thanks so much Aunty J, I'll treasure your gifts for all time  :-*

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