Sunday, 7 February 2016

Awesome bed of fabric

18 April 2015

In April last year I had a call from my children's dance teacher's mother, Mrs L. One of Mrs L's nearly lifelong friends had passed away recently. When clearing out her home her daughter's had not known what to do with the stash of fabric. They knew that Mrs L used to do a lot of sewing so asked her if she would be able to sort it out for them.

Mrs L called me to ask if I would like to take a look and to take what I wanted! Did I say, "Oh, no thanks, I have enough fabric already . . . " Nope! I was over there pretty quickly! When she said a lot Mrs L really did mean A LOT!

 Piles . . .

 And piles . . .

All colours of the rainbow, and Mrs L had sorted them all!

 Still more . . . so much that it was a visual feast!

Plains, plaids, patterns, paisleys . . . 

Mrs L was a bit despairing of just how she was going to dispose of it all. Did any of my friends sew or did I know of any people who would like it?

Did I? For sure I did! Why the lovely ladies from WSBN would be delighted to help out I was sure!
As I was looking through the fabric I saw pieces that I was sure would be loved by others.
I got in contact and posted some photos - and yes a fair proportion of the fabric was lovingly taken.
This was given to us. Mrs L just wanted it to go to people who would appreciate it.
The rest was donated by Mrs L to the local Mary Potter Hospice shop in Newlands.

And me? Well, I thought I showed pretty good restraint as what you see above was what I restricted myself to! At the moment it is still waiting to be used. But that is the wonderful thing about fabric and stashes isn't it? They just wait ever so patiently till the day you exclaim, "That is just the piece of fabric I need!"


Saturday, 30 January 2016

Super Hero Capes

I'm moving back in time to April 2015 - the beginning of the catch-up posts from last year!

Every so often I get asked to make something for the church I attend. This time it was capes for the holiday programme in April. The brief was :- simple, no need for them to be flash. The fabric and ribbon for the ties was delivered. I can't remember how many there were, quite a few anyway.

First though some tidying up was in order! When I'm busy working on something I have a tendency to create piles and strew stuff all over - such as in the photo below.

My cutting table is large - a full sheet of customwood (MDF) so roughly 2.4m long and 1.2m wide and as you can see "stuff" is creeping like a stealthy thing and is covering half the table! This was partly because I'd been on a short time frame for the previous Bluebird project and I get into not-enough-time-to-tidy-now-will-do-later mode. When it does get like this I get antsy and can't work as well. So the "stuff" all found homes.

Much better  :) Although I still need to organise and find a place to keep all the things I like close at hand which are currently on the end of the table. Mainly because then I would have the full length of the table - and I could lay out a 2m length of fabric no problem.

So the tidying up done I then had to do some serious maths - see how much fabric there was and work out how best to cut it. I quickly worked out I couldn't just cut down the length. Trickier than that!

I think I folded the calico fabric selvedges together cut the length needed then cut them to the width - but I can't quite remember. Which is why one should not have such gaps between creating the item and blogging about it. I did take a few photos though.

Marking the length

The capes were around 42cm wide

I was able to get three capes out of each length I cut by folding the fabric in half, getting 2 from the main width then the 3rd from the folded bit that was over! I cut the first one with scissors . . .

Then used my rotary ruler for the rest. Quick and easy  :)

Ribbon ties all pre-cut and ready to attach.

I overlocked the 4 edges of the cape then zig zag stitched the ribbon ties on, folding the edges under so they wouldn't fray.

The pile of capes all ready for the holiday programme.

My great-niece, Miss Z, was at the programme and this was what she painted on her cape - a pink sword  :)

It took me several sessions over a few days to make them. They were a quick and easy make though which was lovely.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Popping in to say hello!

Things have been a bit quiet on the home front on this blog! I haven't posted since late August last year, 2015! And now it is nearly the end of January 2016 so a belated


There is a reason for the lack of posts . . . not sewing related, but life-in-general-related. If you would like to know more you can read about it here. If not "all goods" as many teens would say  :D  Although that is more than likely an old expression now and would have said teens  8-| ! (i.e. rolling their eyes)

I did get some sewing done over the last 5 months, and I'm still behind on blogging about the various makes. I only got up to Easter last year, and before I know it Easter will roll around again! The first competition form arrived in my inbox yesterday . . . for Easter weekend  :-S 

So I will pick up where I left off and, like the tortoise, slowly but surely get through the list  :)

That's all from me for now. Hopefully you'll hear from me in a day or so . . . maybe even later today!  :-h