Saturday, 11 March 2017

Concert Sewing 2016: Part Two

There were not too many other costumes I needed to make for this concert as many were able to be re-used from previous years.

I did need to make some Chinese type costumes but the fabric chosen by Miss Lisa had more of a space look so that's what they became! Space dancers!

Once again I delved into my stash of patterns. A crossover type top was needed, and loose fitting pants. These two dancers were also part of Goldilocks and the Three Elves.

I used the pattern for the purple crossover top as a base, then lengthened it, changed the angle a bit and generally figured out what I needed to do.

For the pants I used View B, they needed to be loose but not have too much flare!

The two dancers are different sizes so I needed to grade up from the largest size I had. This was mainly because I had cut the pattern years ago. Also it was for knit fabric and the fabric chosen was non-stretch.

Lengthened and widened.

There's a bit of a glare there! The outer fabric was a metallic nylon taffeta and the easiest way I found to mark it was with a fabric marker pen. Since the fabric is pretty see through I lined it with some silver satiny fabric that had been gifted to Miss Lisa. Together the two layers were stronger and the taffeta didn't shred.

The edges of the jackets, sleeve hems and pant hems had a trim of the fabric left after cutting out Mama Elf's skirt.

Not the best picture but these are the finished Space suits. The three black dresses at the left of the photo are part of a set of 6 I made for last years concert - minus the red ruffle. That was added to give the dresses a Spanish look for this ballet!

There was a wee tutu required for a Sugar Plum. Small, pink and made of Lycra.


Once again I used this Jalie pattern that I've used many times before. The young dancer I was making the tutu for has the measurements of a size 4/girth 5 . . . although her actual age is quite a few years older! The great thing is that back in 2011 I made a whole lot in different sizes and kept all the patterns. They are of a heavyweight paper so I just needed to trace round the pattern pieces and add the right amount to get the right length.

This is just to show how I keep the lines for the net layers from going wonky straight  😛 The panty is two layers to give it strength. The two different coloured zig zag stitched lines help prevent the panty overstretching and I can follow them more easily.

Photo credit Carol Baker

There are only 5 layers of net on this tutu, just a simple wee tutu with a little bit of trim. I was really pleased when I fitted this tutu on Miss S to find that it was a perfect fit  😁

Photo credit Jordan Rivers

Miss S in flight 😊

The only other costume I made was for Brains . . . last of all as usual! He was dancing a solo from Le Corsaireonly about a minute long but pretty fast paced! The costume was intriguing.

Photo credit Jordan Rivers

This was Brains last show with the dance studio. He auditioned and was accepted into the Contemporary dance programme at Unitec so has now moved on in his dance training 😍

Photo credit Jordan Rivers

I mentioned costumes being re-used. These yellow ducklings were also made in 2011 so it is quite neat to see them being used again.

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