Sunday, 4 June 2017

Autumnal Creativity

A few months have passed since I last posted . . . busyness in my personal life meaning although the will to create blog posts was there the time and energy wasn't! That's life 😔

This post is about an Autumn Swap I was part of with other WSBN sewing folk. The idea was to make a gift for another member who was participating. Similar to a Secret Santa so until we received our gift we didn't know who had made it. Also the person you made for was different from the one you received a gift from. We were given a few clues to help us out. It was set up via Elfster and was quite a while ago . . . 2 years to be honest!  😲 Kinda embarrassing but better late than not at all I reckon. I lost the photos last year when my computer died . . . but with the internet I was able to recover a couple 😀

I was to make something for Laulipopnz who blogs here. The theme was autumn so those colours etc. I knew that Laulipop liked embroidery so I decided to make something incorporating embroidery.

Around the time I was thinking about colours etc we headed north to Paeroa as my Dad was attending his primary school 125th reunion. He was staying with his sister, Aunty J, who I posted about here a while ago. I mentioned that I was making something and asked if there was still an embroidery supply shop in Waihi as I was going to be staying at Waihi Beach with Dad's other sister, Aunty E.

Aunty J never really replied to that question! Instead she asked what I wanted to make and delved into her pattern stash! "Here you are, look through these." And then provided me with a pattern as she had duplicates. Aunty J couldn't remember when or where she got it from.

Next she asked about colours and passed over a box containing a whole heap of threads . . . most of which were already wound onto floss bobbins. Aunty J told me to choose as many as I wanted. When I said I was happy to buy some I was told very firmly there was no point when she had so many to spare and wanted to give them to me. I chose the number of colours needed and she would have had me take more! Below are the ones I chose. Hmmm pic quality is a bit fuzzy!

Once I'd completed the embroidery I stitched up a small pouch and added a snap as a closure. I gave it a working name of Autumn Rose Anything Pouch! Below is the completed pouch. Since I found I'd lost all pictures of it I contacted Laulipop and she kindly sent me a photo earlier this year. 😍

Photo by Laulipop 2017

When it was all complete I packaged it up and popped a packet of tissues in it to give it some oomph. In the end I delivered it to Laulipop's place of work as I wasn't able to make the actual swap meet. Laulipop really liked it and thought it would make a good pouch for her sunnies.

Once I was all finished with the gift I had made I arranged to pick up the one that had been made for me. It had been made by acharmofmagpies who blogs here. It was quite a big parcel and beautifully wrapped. I did have photos . . . but gone they are! I love it, and it's bright colours add warmth to any room. Right now it is hanging on our lounge room door . . . I wouldn't want to put it outside unless it was a still, dry day. The dry bit might be o.k. but there are not that many still days where we live! Here is a photo of the lovely autumn wreath. Isn't it gorgeous?  💓  I found the photo on Facebook and since I took it and posted it I reclaimed it!

It was fun being part of this Autumn Swap. I find it stretches my creativity as I figure out what to make and how to make it, as well as the actual making. Which is always good. Got to keep those brain cells active!

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