Monday, 6 November 2017

A few wrap skirts

At the end of last year I was approached by a small business to see if I was interested in making some dancewear for them. I was, and earlier this year was asked to make some wrap skirts, and a short time later some small circle skirts for younger dancers. The business is Dancers Dance.

There were several fabrics for the skirts. Here I'm cutting out the lovely floral ones. My pattern was made years ago from some hydrographic maps a friend gave me. They have lasted well!  

Lately I've been finding the rotary cutter great for cutting out chiffony type fabrics. I find there is less fabric movement than when I use scissors.

Then it was on to the sewing machines. In the photo below I'm using the overlocker to stitch a rolled edge hem on the lovely red lace.

Pinning on a label before I attach the bias ribbon.

With these skirts I was able to find bias ribbon for the red and floral ones.. However for the other colour the only good match was too narrow. So I had a hunt for a matching fabric and found a satin that I could make my own bias ribbon from. I did a post on how I do this here.

In the photo below I'm stitching the two pieces together so I can cut the strips in one continuous piece. I hadn't done this before and it worked well.

All cut and put through the bias binding machine ready to go.

The only problem was that it was a bit too soft and I could see it was going to be a pain to sew! Soft, floppy and not holding the creases well. What to do?

After a bit of a think I went and bought a can of spray starch to see if that would help.


It was pretty interesting smelling . . . ventilation needed! I did spray the fabric on some baking paper but it still made a bit of a mess on the ironing board while I was ironing it. The ironing board cover can be washed though so that's o.k. I had to re-do the folding and ironing by hand but it is a calming kind of thing to do with the radio playing in the background. I used a bias folder to help and the trick with the pins is one I read about years ago.

Below it's all ironed, folded and ironed again . . . and holding it's shape and creases!

Just a closer view below.

I was able to apply the bias ribbon easily once it held it's shape. It will soften over time however that won't matter once it is stitched on.

Below is the first set of skirts. Each colour is in several different sizes.

Soon after making these skirts I was asked to make some more. These were in a lovely purple lace.

The other ones were of a pretty floral lace and these were circular skirts for younger dancers.

If you scroll down the Dancers Dance page in the link above you might spot a few of the skirts.  😍 


  1. Gorgeous! And I'll get pics of the Zobird at the various stages too so you can share if you like.

    1. Thanks MrsC! They are very pretty. Pics of the Zobird will be fab!


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